Burtons Circus

About Us

clownBurtons Circus has been travelling the length and breadth of Australia entertaining crowds for over 150 years, enduring droughts, floods, several recessions, 2 world wars and the introduction of the television. Burtons Circus presents a Modern Traditional animal style Circus program that appeals to all ages.

“Circus life from the outside looks like a lot of stardust and spangles but there is 22 hours of hard work for every 2 hours of glamour in each performance,” says Shane Lennon, manager of Burtons Circus

Based in QLD, the circus travels all over Australia during its national tours. This takes the troupe to over 120 towns and cities around Australia, with only one month break every year over Christmas. Burtons adhere to strict codes of practise with all their animals and have large ground enclosures and travelling homes for all its beloved pets.

horsesThe circus travels with 25 staff and performers, plus 25 animals carried on 17 trucks and trailers.

Burtons Circus presents its 2013 action packed 2 hour performance with animals and artists from around the world including Canada, England, France, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Spain. You will see acrobats, aerial artists, performing liberty horses, Camels, Water Buffalos, Macaws, Llamas, Dogs, clowns, flying trapeze,and daredevil stunts all presented by Shane Lennon, A.K.A “Shane Burton,” Australia’s foremost Ringmaster all under the fantastically colourful brand new Burtons big top.

All of our brand new big top seating is on comfy new elevated chairs which gives a great view from anywhere in the tent.